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“They were such a great help. From the moment we ordered the dumpster online they called with verification of everything we wanted. The driver that dropped it off came right at the start of the day and very friendly. On the day they picked it up the driver called early in the morning to see if we were finished even though we had a PM pick up time (we finished a day early) and came right then and picked it up. Great staff and great service!”

Ginny Corsbie | Homeowner

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A guide to renting a dumpster

#1 Unbelievably Low Price…

To some degree, all of us are attracted by low price…simply because we want to work within a budget. Candidly, no one wants to overpay for getting rid of trash! But some waste haulers use low price as bait for false or misleading service promises that ultimately increase the total price that is charged. Unbelievably low pricing often indicates a company’s lack of experience and their ability to understand the total scope of your specific project requirements. It also may demonstrate a company’s desperation for work that will truly end up costing you additional expense before the project and dumpster rental period is finished.

#2 Broker Claims to best pricing and service

First, some simple industry facts: Waste and dumpster rental brokers ARE NOT ACTUAL WASTE HAULERS. Waste and dumpster brokers masquerade as waste hauling companies, however, they DO NOT own trucks or dumpsters or employ drivers. Any attempts by waste and dumpster brokers to qualify themselves as industry experts are false. Dumpster rental is always best handled by your local professional waste hauler… NOT brokers, NOT lumber yards, NOT big box discount centers, and NOT a local construction rental center.

A waste broker is a middle person… attempting to connect and match homeowners with waste hauling companies. Brokers exist because people are either lack understanding of their project or have no other method to qualify vendors and fear making a bad decision. Brokers have NO special formula to qualify haulers and NO specific local area knowledge that will provide basis for low pricing or special service.

Truth is, brokers always ADD COST… they do not 
work for the love of serving! Brokers have no reliable methodology to qualify haulers…. Brokers have a bias to finding the cheapest haulers that generates the largest profit for them… Brokers do not have a reason to provide excellence in service… Brokers get paid in advance by credit card and any issues are then problems that homeowners and unknown haulers have to work out themselves.

You have every incentive to hire the contractor of your choosing… working with the local waste hauler who has every reason to provide you with flawless service.

#3 Extra Charges

All waste service companies accept a job with only the information provided by you the homeowner…

HOWEVER this very fact allows some waste haulers the excuse to add extra charges AFTER the agreement and the containers are delivered.

Remember… all providers rely on your initial disclosures about the scope of the project that requires a dumpster… The only valid additional charges are relative to the additional extra weight that might be involved in your project, and any additional dumpster rental time period that you request. Very few homeowners have any methodology to estimate the total weight their project will generate…and extra waste is a frequent reality of the process…as well as how long a particular project might take… HOWEVER… all additional weight and additional time charges should be discussed before the rental and dumpster delivery…. Anything other than extra weight and rental times should not become EXCUSES that a hauler uses for ADDITIONAL…AND FICTITIOUS CHARGES.


What can we do to make you smile?

The best dumpster rental companies will offer an absolute guarantee! Dumpstr Xpress offers a 100% guarantee that if anything happens that is not to your total satisfaction, we will instantly ask… “What can we do to make you smile?”

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