Flooring Dumpster Package

Pure Tile Flooring:
The best dumpster to use for tile floor removal is:
10 yard container.

    • Next Day Delivery (Need today? Call us.)
    • 7 days of rental
    • 10 Yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 2 1/2
    • You can fill it up to the top with tile. Weight is not an issue.

    General Flooring:
    The best dumpster to use for general floor removal is a
    20 yard container .

      • Next Day Delivery (Need today? Call us.)
      • 7 days of rental
      • 20 Yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 5

      Flooring is more important than we imagine! It is the foundation of the room and subtlety sets the mood. Moods can shift over time and when that happens the flooring needs to shift too. To get rid of your bulky mix of flooring options we have the special Flooring Package.

      A Flooring Experience

      It seems there is always a moment when you walk into the house and just stop. Everything is in place, but the floors just plain look awful!

      We had purchased a duplex almost 5 years ago promising ourselves that we would do new flooring as quickly as possible. Well, life happens and it just did not proceed according to original plans. It was time - long past time to tackle this flooring job.

      I knew it would be interesting as our unit had tile throughout and the rental side was a combination of tile, carpet, and some wood laminate.  So, my wife I and started talking about the possibilities of new flooring. The multitude of various new composites, laminates, and of course tile.

      First however, we encountered the realities that all the old flooring needed to be stripped out before the new could be laid.  Ultimately, we discovered some interesting facts that helped us save a lot of money.

      If we separated the two units by flooring types - the tiles we were stripping out of the house were uniquely recyclable or minimally would not end up in the landfill.

      The combination flooring from the other unit would become landfill material, however because of disposal considerations relative to “weight factors” we ultimately rented two dumpsters for less than the price of one!

      We could get one container that would hold all the broken tiles, and if we could keep all the junk out of the load, the price was fixed - no over tonnage charges or additional fees would apply.

      The second dumpster was reserved for trash flooring that was very light in total weight (a major cost factor in dumpster pricing) and was under the weight limits established for the dumpster size we rented.

      All in all,  Dumpstr Xpress expertly handled the job from first questions -  explaining the various solutions for a successful flooring project.

      The final outcome is new flooring - safe, on time, and under budget!

      Junk Removal Service Now available!

      We now have a team that will remove your unwanted junk and debris. You do nothing but call us!

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