Remodel Dumpster Package

We have three different sized dumpsters that will work for your remodel project:
10 yard container,
20 yard container,
40 yard container.

    • Next Day Delivery (Need today? Call us.)
    • 14 days of rental (7 days of rental for 10 yard dumpster)
    • 10 yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 2 1/2
    • 20 yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 5
    • 40 yard dimensions: 8 x 22 x 8

    Change brings the good, the bad, and the ugly. The problem with the good the bad and the ugly is that it is in your house. Change also brings choices in to the situation. The problem with choices is that there are always too many. Don’t let this worry you, we are here for you. We will take away the bad and the ugly along with the choice of what dumpster to get. The Remodel package is here for you and your peace of mind.

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    The Trusted Home Buyer
    Remodel Project

    Dumpstr Xpress:
    What do you have going on here. Walk us through this project that you are currently working on.

    Trusted Home Buyer:
    The house behind me was a rental that my boss owned for a couple of years and we had to evict the Tennant that was living here and they left behind tons of garbage, tons of furniture,  and they even left two dogs here, which was really sad. We had to move all the trash, furniture, and carpet which took three big dumpsters.

    Now we are doing a full remodel with cabinets, new laminate flooring, scrapped all the popcorn ceilings, paint, new showers - basically the whole nine yards. We did a roof already. A new air condition unit. And the pool also is going to be resurfaced as well.

    Dumpstr Xpress:
    How long does it normally take to do a project like this?

    Trusted Home Buyer:
    Something like this it is a little bit more extensive. It will take us about 45 days - at most two months.

    Dumpstr Xpress:
    What type of sub contractor do you need for this kind of project?

    Trusted Home Buyer:
    The majority of our houses we do have our own crew that we use. They do all the painting, installing, cabinets, fixtures, and trim. But we do have contractors for roofing, air conditioning, the pool, and landscaping. Basically, all the non cosmetic items we are always looking for new sub contractors for those areas.

    Dumpstr Xpress:
    What qualities do you look for in your sub contractors?

    Trusted Home Buyer:
    The biggest thing is reliability. And I think that a lot of people are having that issue right now trying to find any reliable contractor that shows up, does what they say they will do, and finish the job correctly. And we do want to stay in budget. That is a big deal. But the biggest thing is finding anyone who is reliable and trustworthy.

    Dumpstr Xpress:
    How did you land with us?

    Trust Home Buyer:
    Martin, who owns Trust Home Buyer, has been using Dumpstr Xpress before I started working here.

    Dumpstr Xpress:
    How would say your experience has been so far working with us?

    Trusted Home Buyer:
    Great. I have zero complaints using Dumpstr Xpress. You are always on time. There has never been any kind of issues. And the cost is always a great price.

    Communication is awesome. There has been several incidences where I have called in asking for a dumpster to be switched out right away and is it possible to get in a couple of hours and you have always made that work for us. I really appreciate that. The relationship we have with you is really great.

    A Homeowner Remodeling Experience

    Admittedly, it was always going to be a bigger project than we had ever attempted in the past. We needed a new kitchen! It wasn’t just the outdated cabinets, worn flooring, the popcorn ceiling. It was the appliances started dying and the thought of any more repair bills on old dishwashers gave me migraines.

    We at least started strong with a competent kitchen designer that worked with us on our current kitchen space; we contemplated removing a wall until discovering it was a support wall and the added work and costs just weren’t justified.

    So we did all the proper due diligence: permits, bids on the work we simply could not do ourselves, and ordered all the “stuff” in advance so that we could start the project and keep going without waiting for supplies along the way.

    Then came “demo day”! Hard hats, gloves, eye protection, big hammers and some needed support and encouragement from some great friends! About the time we created the giant mess on the floor. It rapidly dawned on us that we had no dumpster!

    Three people grabbed phones almost at the same moment and started a google search for “best dumpster service in Phoenix”. Repeatedly the best reviews, pricing, and availability of service answers came from a local company called Dumpstr Xpress.

    Everything they promised happened exactly as promised. Looking back, the first “almost disaster” was the least stressful situation of the two week project.

    We are happy with the outcomes. Our new kitchen will serve our family well for years to come. The challenges, a few unexpected costs were small compared to the great experience we had doing this project together!

    A Contractor's Remodeling Experience

    My name is Karrina Rotter and I’m the owner of Krafted Renovations.

    Tell us a little bit about what Krafted Renovations is and what you do and what the name stands for.

    So, I’ll start with the name. The name I actually spell it with a “K,” the “Krafted” because of my initials so my name is Karrina Rotter, “KR,” so I played a little with words on the name of the business. We do custom home renovations and people like to call us “flippers” but I don’t usually like to use that term because I feel like we do our homes to a whole different level and standard. We really go in, and our cabinetry is custom, we do doors, casing, I mean you name it. Everything in the home is almost custom so it’s not your traditional flip. We really try to take our homes to the next level and we do a modern farmhouse style.

    Dumpstr Xpress
    And you’ve been doing this for how long?

    I actually just had the two year anniversary of our business being created.

    Dumpstr Xpress
    Excellent, that’s phenomenal.

    Yeah and we’ve also taken clients as well. So, in the two years we’re pushing around six to eight, I’d say off the top of my head. I’ve have to count them out but yeah with clients we’ve really been able to excel.

    Dumpstr Xpress
    Take us through this project. What is the story behind this house?

    Like any normal investor would tell you we try to get in and out as quick as possible. Ours usually take a little bit longer because of all the custom details we do to them, but this one was a little more unique. We bought it, I want to say, a little over a year ago and it just sat here unfortunately for awhile while we figured out really what to do. We had other projects going on that were taking up a lot of our time. So, it kinda got put on the back burner for a little bit, unfortunately. We thought we were originally going to do a full rebuild on it, but the neighborhood in South Scottsdale at the time wasn’t really supporting new builds, so we decided to do just a full gut and addition remodel. I would say in the remodeling world this is the closest thing you're going to get to a new build because all we really have left is the three walls as part of the foundation and a couple trusses.

    Dumpstr Xpress
    You just use a couple different contractors and it’s hard to find a good contractor that you can trust and rely on.

    Yes it is.

    Dumpstr Xpress 
    Tell us some of the challenges you’ve had with finding good contractors.

    When I first started I interviewed maybe 15 contractors total before finally landing on the one that I’m with now. Also being a young female in the industry, it was pretty hard to find a contractor that would take me seriously and really listen to my vision and not try to overpower what I was wanting the home to be. So, when I finally found the contractor I went with, it was completely different. He listens to me, like he he doesn’t doubt my visions or my designs and he gets excited about them too and he throws in his ideas.

    Dumpstr Xpress
    We talked just a little bit earlier about how small the world is. How did you find us? How did that come about?

    I got two referrals actually, so we have a partner in the Arcadia area who did a referral for us and also the General Contractor I use was also the one that said “you have to use Dumpstr Xpress.” And I’m so glad we do because we had another dumpster company before we found you and it was almost impossible to get them to bring us a dumpster on time or quickly and with you guys it’s like, wow! I can send you a text and in the next day we have a new dumpster and that’s so important because these dumpsters fill up so quickly and a project can come to a halt if we don’t have a new one so, it’s important.

    So, thank you guys!