10 Yard Dumpster Solution

  • Dimensions: 8 feet wide x 16 feet long x 3 feet high.
  • Holds: 10 cubic yards of waste. 4 Pickup Loads.
  • Rental Days Included: 7 day rental

Renting a 10 yard dumpster may be exactly what you need for your project. Over the many years of delivering 10 yard roll-off dumpster containers, we know that this sized dumpster will work very well for the following: Taking away inert waste -which is material that does not undergo biological, chemical, physical, or radiological transformation. Inert waste includes demolition waste, gravel, sand, and stone but not any biodegradable, hazardous, or green (botanical) material (source).

To rent a 10 yard dumpster with confidence first consider the following questions.

  • What are you wanting to place in the dumpster?

    If you are unsure what can go in our dumpsters then spend a few minutes. SEE HERE

  • Will your debris fit in a 10 yard roll-off container?

    It is important to know that the trash you do place in the dumpster will need to not exceed the top portion of the container (we want to transport your debris safely)! Because a 10 yard container is 3 feet high, you will want to make sure that your dumping project will properly fit with in the container. The good thing is that the width and length of the dumpster is generous -16 feet long and 8 feet wide. So, you can place a lot of material in it. It has been said roughly 4 pick-up trucks of debris.

  • How long do you need the dumpster?

    When you rent a roll-off container from us you will have it generally for 7 days. That is usually enough time needed to complete your dumping project. If you want it longer, please let us know. We will then include that in your quoting price.

  • Where do you live?

    There are three different landfills in the Phoenix AZ area. Did you know that? Each of these landfills have different fees from one another. What we need to know is where you live because that will help us know what landfill we will be taking your debris to.

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