Roofing Dumpster Package

When getting rid of asphalt and cedar shake shingles we have a
20 yard container.

    • Next Day Delivery (Need today? Call us.)
    • 7 days of Rental
    • The first 2 tons of disposal weight.
    • 20 Yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 5
    • When disposing of Clay tile roofing:
      Please call for details on this unique package offer!


    Strip the old roofing off

    At some point, preferably before the leaks begin, you need to consider new roofing:  shingles, tile, steel, cedar shake, and color. But, before your new roof can go up you will need to strip the old roofing off! We have a dumpster just for that.
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    5 Guys Roofing

    Dumpsters serving the Phoenix, Arizona Valley!

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      10 yard dumpsters are great for getting rid of inert waste.
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      A Roofing Experience

      "Hi, my name is Jason and I’m in the roofing business. After a few decades of ripping shingles, clay tiles, and cedar shakes, I have a few “never humble opinions” about the roofing business and how to serve clients while also making some money in the process!

      I frequently hear other business owners talk about how they believe they have the roughest game in town. Well, I’m really not sure about anyone else, but I know all the ins and outs of being a roofer and it’s not easy. I’m fond of telling people about my advanced degrees in “hard knocks!” Ultimately, you work your butt off to make sure the entire job flows smoothly; you use the best products available for the clients’ budgets, you bring a great crew of experienced people, and hopefully if the weather holds and you get in and get the job done right.

      After years of being in this roofing game I have found that getting the right combination of supporting vendors has been a big key for our success. Uniquely, it is sometimes the vendors you aren’t thinking about - like the dumpster rental guy.

      We put a team of guys on a roof early every day to rip old shingles off. If the dumpster isn’t placed in the right place and in a timely manner, we only have two bad choices. We can either throw everything on the ground and handle it all twice or leave it piled on the edge of the roof where it’s in the way of the new roofing being hammered down.

      We tried almost every waste hauler in the Phoenix valley. We even tried using our own dump trailers. And then we found Dumpstr Xpress. Wow. They are on time with their dumpsters, on budget, and always done right the first time. It really works for us." Jason

      Junk Removal Service Now available!

      We now have a team that will remove your unwanted junk and debris. You do nothing but call us!

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      A Contractor's Experience

      Hi, My name is Mckay I’m an employee at 5 Guys Roofing. I’m a production manager for the residential side of the company.

      Dumpstr Xpress:
      Walk us through your typical residential roofing project.

      I usually plan for the project a week in advance. I typically pull up all the jobs that we have and reach out to the customer and note if there’s anything that I need to know before we start and also where we should place the dumpster. Once I get that, we send an email to Dumpstr Xpress exactly where to put it. Then, once we get to the job, we meet the customer right on site and then we send progress updates every single day until the end of the project. A typical project usually takes about three to five days depending on the size.

      Dumpstr Xpress:
      Obviously with your projects you have a lot going on with various different things. So, what type of sub-contractor do you need?

      On the residential side we usually try to find a crew that’s well versed and really good at paying attention to detail. Homeowners pay a lot of attention to detail, so with cleaning up and whatnot we have to be cautious around their home because a customer’s house is their biggest investment. So, we need crews that will respect the home.

      Dumpstr Xpress:
      What’s your vetting process when you’re looking for your contracting team? What exactly are you looking for in a crew?

      Obviously, we need the crews to be very clean-cut, presentable, and unafraid to point out issues with the roof. They just make sure that the whole process goes really well and that they don’t have to rely on just me to make all the communication with the customer.

      Dumpstr Xpress:
      How long have you been working with Dumpstr Xpress and what’s your experience been with them so far?

      I’ve ordering dumpsters for about two years now and honestly, you guys have been amazing. I’m not perfect at my job and remembering when to pick up dumpsters, but you guys are always so accommodating to when we need to keep a dumpster there longer or when we need to get a dumpster out the next day.

      You guys have really been amazing.