equine waste

Equine Waste

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Lets talk horses! So, you have horses, and all of the “waste” they create! Now what?
One of the most difficult challenges in managing a stable is where does all of the waste on the property go?

There are many options when it comes to removal and storage, some of which can be designed for small operations, while others really are designed for larger facilities that have barns and several acres. So, who do you call???

You call Dumpstr Xpress.

What we can do:
We can drop off a dumpster for any equine waste. We typically set these up on a schedule. In addition, we can provide bedding for the horses, as well as ground cover.

Equine waste quick facts:
Plan a dumping location and removal process before horses are on the property

Pitchforks are helpful to shift to save shavings and other types of bedding, rather than using a shovel. This can be a money saver as well as take up less space in your manure pile

Muck buckets should be accessible in isles and arenas for the larger facilities. Make sure they are regularly used and emptied.

Wheeled carts, wheelbarrows, or covered trash bins should be used to move the waste to and from the main dumping location.

Consider putting the waste to use with on-site storage if you can.