By having a container delivered on site you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions below:

  1. General usage and rental conditions are itemized on the back side of load manifest. All rules are applicable whether the manifest is signed or unsigned.
  2. EXTRA charges may apply to the following  — overweight containers, additional day usage beyond agreed & set-up parameters, container damage resulting from misuse, overloading, fire, or theft.
  3. Federal and/or State laws prohibit the following items from being disposed in dumpsters: Hazardous & Special Waste, ALL liquids, tires, batteries, sealed drums, tree stumps, and any item containing freon (appliances, A/C unit). If you have any of these items please check with your local community on disposal of these items.
  4. Tires will result in extra costs
  5. No Inert (Dirt, Rock, or concrete material) in 15/20/30/40 Yd Containers
  6. No shingles in 30/40 Yd dumpsters.
  7. 10yd Inert heavy debris dumpsters may only contain the following - dirt, rock, concrete, sand, tile, brick, block, and asphalt. If anything other then these items are placed in the dumpster the landfill can no longer recycle the material and will be treated as trash. You will be charged $60 per ton for the weight of the container on top of what you paid. Very important to keep it clean.
  8. Rental customer holds DX harmless as regards sidewalks, driveway, landscaping, and overhead obstructions, i.e. wires, driveways, and asphalt/concrete.
  9. Relocation - If you need a container relocated on the property or to a new site, you are subject to a relocation fee at a minimum of $150.00. Final fee will be determined based on location and/or distance.
  10. Trip Charge - You are subject to a trip charge if: Your container is undeliverable or service is turned away on site. Trip charge amount will be determined by distance and/or location.
  11. Cancellation: Any service cancellations need to be submitted no later than 3pm of the business day (Monday - Friday) before your requested service. You will be subject to a minimum $50 cancellation fee for any cancellations after 3pm.
  12. Rerouting fees - If your container is routed to be scheduled for a delivery, removal, or swap out and you choose change service date than you are subject to a minimum $50 Rerouting fee.
  13. Swap outs - When you order a container to be swapped out for a new container you are initially ordering a new container. The price will be the same price, days and tonnage limit will start over.
  14. Rental Extension: Your container will be automatically picked up on the last day of rental unless you call to get it removed sooner. We will also reach out to you via call or text as a courtesy reminder. This is a courtesy but ultimately you are responsible to let Dumpstr Xpress know if you need an extension on your rental. You will have the opportunity to purchase an additional week for $150.00 with a maximum extension of two weeks before the container will need to be either removed or swapped out for a new container.

 Dumpster Terms

  • Delivery - The request to have a container delivered
  • Terminate/removal/pick up - The request to have a final removal of a previously delivered container.
  • Swap out - The request to have a container that was previously delivered to be swapped out for a new container.