Moving Dumpster Package

We have two different sized dumpsters that will work for your moving project:
20 yard container,
40 yard containers.

    • Next Day Delivery (Need today? Call us.)
    • 7 days of rental
    • 20 yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 5
    • 40 yard dimensions: 8 x 22 x 8

    Moving can mean a fresh new start and it is time to get rid of stuff. You may not think of freshness coming from a dumpster, but think about when we pull it away and you are free to start anew.

    A Moving Experience

    "Where did you pack the office files?”

    "Where did you pack Moms’ old vase from the den?”

    The moving questions seem endless, regardless what we put into place in advance to actually leaving the old house or apartment.

    We took pictures of everything. We meticulously cataloged the stuff destined for “cold storage”. We added special notes on the boxes to indicate fragile, urgent, and unpack ASAP!

    Our moving day finally arrived. The kids were all safely packed away - no, wait- they were at school. The moving truck was outside and the giant guys were at the front door ready to move our lives elsewhere - valuables,  furniture, fragile heirloom items,  and keepsakes. They were truly nice guys. Perhaps it was my own insecurities that screamed they will ruin everything. They just looked so big.

    As the day house started to empty it became evident that we had a growing problem - unwanted stuff, a small mountain of trash that seemed to grow by the hour as closets and seemingly every room in the house, generated more and more unwanted junk.

    We looked in exhaustion at each other and almost cried. Now what? We had planned everything down to the smallest item and never really contemplated the “stuff”. That is the discard items from years of neglect, things that were broken and stored to be fixed sometime that never arrived, surplus from a life well lived at least for a brief moment. Junk.

    The last-minute decision was made in haste… low on adrenaline and hopelessly out of touch with logic. “Put it, I stammered…Put everything in the garage! I can’t deal with anything else. It’s going to be someone else’s problem.”

    John and Ann arrived the following morning and took possession of their new dream… the house they had been longing for… saving for… and it was now theirs! They spent an hour walking thru the various rooms discussing and agreeing how this room needed some fresh paint, some new lighting, and perhaps new plank flooring installed where the old carpet just wasn’t the right answer. A little bit later that morning, Ann came running as she heard the scream coming from the garage area…. As she rounded the corner, she immediately saw the pile… that small mountain of stuff, the junk… the unexpected mess!

    DX has listened to a lot of moving stories, and the common theme is the inconsideration of the prior owners. Our aim is help alleviate the problem… deliver a dumpster as quickly as possible and occasionally even load the junk and make it go away! Call us… we truly can help!

    Junk Removal Service Now available!

    We now have a team that will remove your unwanted junk and debris. You do nothing but call us!

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    Moving dumpsters are available throughout the Phoenix Valley!

    "Excellent customer service! I had called a couple of other companies, but did not receive the same customer service . The staff were very helpful and they even offered a weekend special! They delivered and picked up the dumpster when they said they would. I would highly recommend this company to anyone needing this service. Thank you!" Nancy

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