Landscape Dumpster Package

We have two different sized dumpsters for heavier landscape material that will work for your remodel project: 10 yard container, 20 yard container.

    • Next Day Delivery (Need today? Call us.)
    • 14 days of rental (7 days for a 10 yard dumpster)
    • 10 yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 2 1/2
    • 20 yard dimensions: 8 x 16 x 5
    landcape in phoenix arizona

    Done Fast!

    Landscape projects are best when they are done quickly - especially in the Phoenix sun! The best way to keep the project moving is to get a dumpster rental that you can load up all the old landscaping so you can get to placing that beautiful new landscaping. We are here to help you get that right dumpster, at the right price so you can complete that project and move on to the next one - fast!
    Landscape client

    Artificial Grass Masters

    Dumpsters serving the Phoenix, Arizona Valley!

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      10 yard dumpsters are great for getting rid of inert waste.
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      A Homeowner Landscape Experience

      OK, let’s face it…. Most do-it-yourself home landscape jobs are really rather simple. If they weren’t any intelligent person would call in the pros!

      We took a hard look at the yard and decided that the biggest “bang for the buck” would be to simply cleanup the entire yard… bring in some fresh stone accent material and trim the trees and bushes. The alternative possibility would have cost thousands of dollars more… arguably would have added some cache, but as we were looking to sell our house within the next 6-12 months, a simple refresh was the best answer.

      Step one: Find some strong backs and pliable minds that could help with this weekend project.

      We enlisted our sons’ friends and made performance offers of “gift cards” in various amounts. I needed to turn this into a game of sorts, so that once started we were not confronted with shifting attitudes, boredom, or actual weariness. This project would take a minimum of 10 hours work and I planned to spread this over two days… cleanup day 1 and spruce up day 2.

      Step two: Assemble the required tools.

      In our case this amounted to two wheelbarrows (borrowed), basic rakes, shovels, and trimmers (owned), and a big supply of cold beverages (purchased).

      Step three: Layout a functional working plan.

      We had assembled a total team of 10 people… my three sons, six friends, and myself. My wife was the project manager, yeah right … she actually kept all of us focused, hydrated and fed, and had the intelligence to call it a day at just the right time!

      Step four: Take a step back and think about what was going to be missing.

      Two things were missing - new landscape material and a trash dumpster. Material was going to be rather easy as a great landscape design and supply store was nearby, and they would deliver with a 24-hour notice. The simple dumpster was almost the big disaster. We called several places and discovered waiting lists for containers, some really bad attitudes and service rep’s that simply could not grasp the simplicity of our project, and prices we thought were astronomical. As I was walking up and down the driveway I multiple conversations with haulers, I noticed my neighbor a few houses down had a container from DX. I walked down and asked Paul about them and he could not have been more complimentary. He was spot on!

      Step five: get to work.

      A Landscaper's Experience

      Joshua: Hello, my name is Joshua and I’m the owner of Artificial Grass Masters. We’ve been doing this for about seven and a half years now so, we’ve seen the business thriving here. In the Phoenix Valley there was a need for artificial grass because of water conservation and also because of the low maintenance of the artificial grass.

      Dumpstr Xpress: What type of sub-contractors do you need to accomplish all of yours goals and projects?

      Joshua: When we first got started there were only a couple of guys so we could only do one or two jobs a week. We started to build a name and a brand that people trusted. People looked and found we would get a five star rating in every category, and that brought in a lot of business. So, even though we have about eight in-house teams, that doesn’t offset the amount of work we have coming through. So, sometimes I’ll have to bring in sub-contractors and I look for sub-contractors that are licensed, insured, and people who can come on to my job site and do quality install.

      Dumpstr Xpress: How did you land with us here at Dumpstr Xpress?

      Joshua: I saw a growing need to be able to use dumpsters as a segue to be able to start taking on a significant amount more jobs. We previously were only able to take on anywhere between 10 and 12 jobs on a weekly basis because my guys would have to go to the job site, tear everything out, and then go to the dump and dump everything. Then they’d have to take a lunch, and drive all the way back to the site. So, I started looking for avenues to go ahead and shorten up that time, and bringing the dumpsters allowed me to go ahead and keep the guys at the job site. In turn, it helped me to do not only one, two, but up to three jobs per day. It allowed us to move faster by having the dumpsters on the job site.

      Dumpstr Xpress: What has your experience been so far working with Dumpstr Xpress?

      Joshua: My experience has been awesome. We have a system where we call in to give an address, and the dumpster gets dropped off on the particular day. When we’re ready to pick it up, all we do is call in with the dumpster number and the address. From there, we could probably expect for it to get picked up within 24 hours. It’s really smooth. Billing is also pretty easy. We order up a lot in a week and they usually get billed right away and then we’re on to the next one. There’s a lot of moving parts in our business and you guys contribute to making all these things happen, so thank you guys.

      Dumpstr Xpress: Of course, it’s a pleasure!