Dumpster Rental for local Phoenix Contractor

Trent Wightman: “We turned this around from this disgusting shell that it was for them in less than a month. And as far as dumpsters goes – and you’ll see more as we do the rest – the past owner used this building as a hoarding storage of 70 years of collecting garbage. We did 12 dumpsters in this building so far, might be on our 13th right now.

The Wightman Group is the construction arm of The Wightman Group LLC, which in theory is a development group. So it is also the part owner of my real estate brokerage and its also one of the members of the LLC that is the landlord end of things which is the crown LLC. We are the ones that own the building we are in right now. This partnership works because I bring in the construction end aspect to it and a real estate aspect to it. And then my partners have individual specialties.

We are in the acquisition process right now. We want to be landlords in Phoenix. We have different properties and different projects that are small scale but our focus right now is acquisitions and what we specifically target is buildings just like this int the Phoenix area that are old and run down and then we can bring up to a standard, lease up and continue to maintain it.”

Dumpstr Xpress: How did you find us?

Trent Wightman: “What you do is very visual and it is possible that I called other contractors and got your name. Since then I have given you 7 or 8 other contractors because we have a good relationship and you have given me good service.”



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