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10 Yard Dumpster

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is how much space do I need for a truck and a dumpster. The trucks that we have are approximately 35 feet long from the front to the back. And then we have got the container. This is a 10 yard container. The basic dimensions are 8 feet wide, 16 feet long, and about 2 1/2 feet high. They are really great for small projects. They fit in most driveways and are for small clean ups.
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20 Yard Dumpster

One of the questions we get asked an awful lot is about the size of our trucks and our dumpsters. Our trucks are about 35 feet from the nose to the tail. And the we have got the size of the container itself. This is 20 cubic yards container. It is about 8 feet wide, about 16 feet long, and roughly 5 feet tall. So when you are looking at the projects that you have a 20 yard is a great size for roofing jobs, it fits in almost all driveways and is a great size for many residential projects.
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40 Yard Dumpster

People frequently ask about dumpster size. They say, "Hey, I need one of those big ones." This is our big one. This is a 4 cubic yard container. The truck is about 35 feet long. The container is 22 feet long - front to back. It is 8 feet high, 8 feet wide, and 22 feet long. It is for a big job. If you seriously have a hoarder on your hands - if you have a serious construction project - this is the one for you.
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General Contractor Client

Aaron Bishop Construction + Design

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You will find us to be one of the best team members on your next construction work site.

“I’m a contractor who has my plate full everyday. Dumpstr Xpress follows up on my projects making it easier to coordinate a dumpster drop off or pick up. Their prices are reasonable and usually get prompt service the following day. I would recommend Dumpstr Xpress any day!!”

Miguel | On Birdeye

“Dumpstr Xpress is always on time, quick, efficient and the trucks are clean and don’t leak. Pricing is competitive on the higher end but you are paying for customer service and a good product. You get what you pay for.”

Taylor | On BBB

“Great customer service! I highly recommend this company. I’ve used many container service companies in the valley and Dumpstr Xpress is by far the best!”

AZ Landscape Contractors | On BBB

“I had called to compare pricing and Ryan was my customer service operator from the moment he spoke I knew I had the right business …he answered all my questions took his time with me over the phone & made the delivery & pickup of the dumpster easy ! Thank you again will highly recommend your service to family, friends & our clients.”

Vangie | On BBB

Junk Removal Service Now available!

We now have a team that will remove your unwanted junk and debris. You do nothing but call us!

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The best dumpster rental companies will offer an absolute guarantee! Dumpstr Xpress offers a 100% guarantee that if anything happens that is not to your total satisfaction, we will instantly ask… “What can we do to make you smile?”

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A General Contractor's Experience

ABCD is Aaron Bishop Construction Design and I’m a single man entity; the general contractor. I do most of my own design work for a lot of my clients, but some clients come with a designer and I’ll take their plans and run with that and help them realize what they want in a home.

Dumpstr Xpress:
Tell us a little bit your latest project.

My latest project is a house that went from a 2,200 square foot livable with three beds and two bathrooms to a 3,300 square foot livable with four bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. The master suite is about 900 square feet now. I made it a split floor plan by adding this addition you see behind me with the new manacle garage. I changed all the stucco and took all the core bold block off. There was a bunch of old school style portable in this neighborhood that are reminiscent of the late 70’s and early 80’s. I took all the tile off of the surface and smoothed it all with a level-five finish concrete exterior. We’ve completely added a giant new front patio, a huge back patio, and essentially added an entire new wing to the house. We blew out the kitchen from its previous sizing by about 150 square feet. We took out a beehive fireplace and put in a corner unit that I’m actually in the process of burning. We’re putting wood clad on the exterior of it and doing a really cool terrazzo hearth.

We’re just doing a ton of stuff, for example, we raised the sunken living room eight inches, smoothed the drywall inside, and took all the arched windows out of the block walls on the exterior. We also opened up the living room and put a 16-foot door in there. You name it, this house has it.

Dumpstr Xpress:
Since you’re always the general contractor, how do you go about finding your sub-contractors and what does that look like? Do you bring your sub-contractors to all of your jobs?

I have a team of guys that I use. I am just my own company, but I have really, really great relationships with the owners of the sub-contractors that I use. All my guys are licensed, bonded, and insured and that’s obviously one of the first and most important requirements. The other important factor is the relationship that I develop with my guys. I’ve been building in Arizona for 20 years now and I went out on my own a couple years ago and I was able to take the crews with me that all wanted to still work with me. I really try to be the bridge between my client and my sub-contractors. I’m their go-between, I really am that bridge, so I have to make that transition as smooth and seamless as possible. I have make sure that things get done and accounted for financially and assure that the job runs smoothly.

So, when I come to a client, I come with a team and personally, that’s what I think I bring to the table. I don’t come to bid out your job to 40 different contractors and try to go with the cheapest guy out there. I know that my guys deliver a quality product and always fair pricing and that’s how we do it.

Dumpstr Xpress:
How long have you been working with Dumpstr Xpress?

I started purchasing from Dumpstr Xpress about five years ago now. The pricing and everything was super competitive, and you guys have really great delivery. Even sometimes in the same day if you guys have a lull, you guys call and tell us you have somebody in the area and just pick up your dumpster and go. That’s really fantastic.

A lot of times sub-contractors don’t let me know until the dumpster is full, so it’s nice to have a responsive team and it’s always been great to work with Michelle.

I don’t have any intention of going anywhere else.


Junk Removal Service Now available!

We now have a team that will remove your unwanted junk and debris. You do nothing but call us!

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"This company is the best company ever to use we will never use anyone else again. The prices are perfect the customer service is perfect the drivers are polite and educated. First time ever using a dumpster company and it was the best experience ever. They have professional patience to sit on the phone and answer any questions or concerns that you may have." Maria

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