Trash and Treasure

We recently were asked to deliver a large dumpster to a customer that was “cleaning house.” A day later we received a call from the same party and were asked to pick up the dumpster but noted it was empty. They were really sorry to cause such a fuss, but one circumstance after another created an unusual situation and could we maybe give some credit against the already charged credit card.

So the story started to unwind.

The lady and her late husband had owned a resale shop. After his sudden death, the shop was closed and whatever wasn’t claimed was boxed up and ended up in every corner of this ladies’ home. She had scheduled an auction company to help with a final sale of the hundreds of boxes only to have the auction sale cancelled for unknowable reasons at the last moment. The dumpster had been ordered for the left-over trash.

Uniquely intuitive… one of office sales staff asked the women if she had any ideas of next steps and perhaps would she mind if we just simply stopped by her house to see what might be possible. Two days later an entire house filled with “trash” became another person’s new-found treasure.

Many people go to work every day to average and mundane jobs. Arguably the dumpster business and the hauling of trash is not very glamorous or exciting.

Trucks and dumpsters are only the tools that allow us the opportunity to continually be in the business of touching people’s lives.


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