Trash the Christmas aftermath

Part 1

It really isn’t a secret that many of us in the Phoenix area have a lot of stuff! It is an incredible blessing that frequently overflows into storage units, basements, and garages. And then comes another Christmas… a typically joyous time of gift giving!

And then comes another time of reckoning as to where to put more stuff.

Perhaps before Christmas giving this year and the “problems” of accumulating stuff some easy suggestions…

Clean early with an attitude of helping someone perhaps not quite as fortunate… Donate!

At Dumpstr Xpress, we are frequently confronted with the simple concept that your trash could be someone’s treasure. This year before you head out for last minute shopping, consider what you might easily drop off at the local Goodwill or at your church’s “gifting store”. This simple gesture of  parting with your obviously unused things can help others in a meaningful way… it is also much easier than storing or throwing away in your curb side trash pickup.

Part 2

Many of our fix and flip clients are rushing to complete projects for prospective Christmas buyers. Not exactly sure why anyone would want to move in December especially with so many Christmas time activities.

I did this once and can say from experience it added an extra layer of stress to the entire experience. The new house was really awesome but the added grief of moving was not much fun. The amazing thing was the amount of “stuff” we somehow collected along the way. Those valuable things that no one seemed to able to part with before moving, that suddenly did not have a “place” in the new house. It truly would have been easier to donate or trash things before moving!

Part 3

For the thousands of people that call Phoenix and surrounding suburbs home AND actually bought a “real Christmas TREE” we bring a little cheer regarding the end game. Almost all communities have tree drop off and recycling programs. Trees are typically ground up and mulched. So, do your part and recycle your tree for future “greener” growth.

Part 4

Finally for those of you that will be receiving a larger than expected bucket of “coal” from St Nick that your curbside trash pick up cannot handle – our trucks will roll and deliver a dumpster any day except Sundays, Christmas, and New Years.

Written by Jay Haan
Owner of Dumpstr Xpress

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