Equine Waste Help

Equine waste Dumpster tips:

  • Plan a dumping location and removal process before horses are on the property
  • Pitchforks are helpful to shift to save shavings and other types of bedding, rather than using a shovel. This can be a money saver as well as take up less space in your manure pile
  • Muck buckets should be accessible in isles and arenas for the larger facilities. Make sure they are regularly used and emptied.
  • Wheeled carts, wheelbarrows, or covered trash bins should be used to move the waste to and from the main dumping location.
  • Consider putting the waste to use with on-site storage if you can.

What we can do:
We can drop off a dumpster for any equine waste. We typically set these up on a schedule. In addition, we can provide bedding for the horses, as well as ground cover.

Go to our main Equine Waste Page for more details on how to get a dumpster from us!

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