Customizable Dumpster Options

First and foremost, we customize the set-up to a modality that is safe.

Second, we can customize container sizes based on what is best suited to your project.

Third, we meet your time requirements. How often do you want us at your site?

We can create a regular schedule, do last minute calls, and are ready 24/7 to meet your specific needs at your specific time. Fourth, we customize each experience per client for what they need and when they need it. We scale to meet your demands. We are prepared to meet every need and emergency, 24/7, holidays included.

Last year, we had a fair grounds in Phoenix that needed a truck to come out on New Year’s Day to move some containers around. That’s when the entire order changed. It was a Saturday, on a holiday, but that didn’t disrupt service. Our driver called in backup drivers to meet the need, and they hauled for 12 hours straight, dumping boxes and refilling containers until the work was completed. This is one of the many on-the-spot issues we’ve successfully handled.

If you need it, we will shift and adjust to get the job done. We customize to the time you need us, unforeseen events, and the demand you have.

Dumpstr Xpress Arizona LLC BBB Business Review

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