Competitive Dumpster Pricing

This topic of pricing speaks to an important part of a project. Are you looking for the smallest expense or are you looking for the greatest value? Price (unit cost) indicates an expense, while value indicates an investment. If you truly want the best price, then you should be looking at the best value. More times than not, when contractors hire according to the lowest unit cost, they should expect the lowest unit service (aka dumpster delays).

Hiring a roll-off service should not be quantified by one facet—the load price. It needs to be broader than that if you’re going to have a service that doesn’t disrupt your project. Again, you shouldn’t have to think about your dumpsters. They should be there, on time, every time. When you hire DX, you will have the full value for each dollar you invest into your project. You buy the whole experience. We offer a service that is safe, effective, and efficient. Which means that while you may pay a slightly higher premium up front for our services, you will make it back in the value of on-site safety, effective use of time, and efficient handling.

Dumpstr Xpress Arizona LLC BBB Business Review

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