Avoid Overfilling your Dumpster

It’s important that you pack your dumpster safely and resist the impulse of overfilling your dumpster. Packing it “creatively” doesn’t mean its safe. There are lines inside the dumpster for loading purposes. The driver will tarp the dumpster, so all of the contents must be within the dumpster. If you load with contents that are hazardous or the dumpster is over loaded, it is not safe for the driver, as well as it is illegal to take the dumpster away, and you could find yourself paying overage fees, late fees, as well as the cost to unload the overage or hazardous materials. Also, by overfilling your dumpster, this can cause headaches for your neighbors and your community. If your dumpster is at the end of your driveway, or in a space where children or pets could access it could be a very expensive hazard.

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