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Horse Manure Hauling Ranch Service

One hundred percent of the horse manure hauling in Arizona that Dumpstr Xpress hauls goes to a state of the art composting facility operated on the far west side of the valley. Here the horse manure hauling in Arizona is emptied into long rows that are turned regularly until the natural composting process returns a rich soil product.

Best Pine Bedding Products

Ranch Services sources it's high quality pine shavings and grindings from local Phoenix mills. We are dedicated to delivering great price and outstanding value - assuring our clients consistently dry, light color and odor free horse bedding products.


Environmentally Friendly Ranch Service. All manure is delivered to a state of the art Arizona composting facility.

Fast, Convenient, Safe Ranch Service

We can provide scheduled or “on-call” service. Our response times are the best in the valley, our staff makes all service ordering easy and convenient to scheduled requirements, and our drivers are trained professionals with incredible safety records.

We are professional servants! We started decades ago providing waste hauling service in the Midwest, and expanded our company in early 2004 to Arizona. Following the construction crash in mid 2007-2008, we looked hard to find other areas that could benefit from our expertise in basic hauling and transportation related services. We were originally contracted by Horizon/High Mesa Products of Phoenix in 2008/2009 to provide bedding deliveries and manure hauling for area ranches. We assumed complete account management after High Mesa ceased doing business in December 2009. Today we serve many of the finest ranches in the valley. We continue to refine our product offering, continually strive to initiate additional product availability, and work to keep our environment as safe as we originally found it! We recognize that whether your horses are million dollar investments or more basic pets, our mission remains the same… to serve you with quality products and environmentally secure manure disposal, in the highest, safest, and most affordable professional manner.